Mes voyages à vélo

My bicycle trips

De la France à la Thaïlande

via Italie, Slovénie, Hongrie, Serbie, Bulgarie, Turquie, Iran,

Turkmenistan, Ouzbekistan, Kirghizstan, Chine et Laos.

From France to Thailand

via Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran,

Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Laos.


De l'Australie occidentale à la Malaisie

via Timor Leste, Indonesie et Singapour.

from western australia to malaysia

via Timor Leste, Indonesia and Singapore.


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Want to know the water points and other info on the Perth-Darwin route?
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I am French so this site will be written firstly in french.

Nevertheless, as most of the people I met rather speak english

(english is also the main language of international communication),

I'll translate as soon as possible the most i can.

For practical reasons, country names are written in French.


You can automatically translate the pages with the Google Toolbar you can download here: