Water points between

Perth and Darwin



  • This page isn't translated in French because if you plan such a trip in Australia you have to understand English.
  • Cette page n'est pas traduite en Français parce que si vous envisagez un tel voyage en Australie, vous devez comprendre l'Anglais.
  • These informations were gathered in August and September 2008.
  • [info between brackets is not verified]
  • Towns along the highway generally have all required services (except bike parts !)
  • The "Wet" season lasts from November / December to March / April.


Key: p/b = parking bay, r/a = rest area, c/p = camping site, r/h = roadhouse,

h/s = homestead, b/s = bike supplies, PO = post office, www = internet access,

t/o = turn off, c/t = cattle through, w/m = wind mill, ck = creek



They correspond with milestones of each highway.

PER: distance from Perth on the Brand Highway.

NWC: distance from Geraldton on the North West Coastal Highway.

GNH: distance from Perth on the Great Northern Highway.

VIC: distance from the turn-off to Wyndham on the Victoria Highway.

STH: distance TO darwin on the Stuart Highway.


0.PER – Perth. all services in town

57.PER – Muchea. r/h, PO.

85.PER – Gingin. Supermarket, stores, PO.

87.PER – Gingin. @ N. t/o to Brand hwy. r/h, c/p, hotel. Tap next to the fuel pumps.

133.PER – Reagans Ford. r/h, c/p.

165.PER – Cataby. r/h [www @ ampol]

208.PER - Badingara. r/h, c/p.

250.PER – Half Way Mill. r/h, c/p.

281.PER - Eneabba. r/h, c/p, grocery, PO, tap @ pub, [tap @ oval].

303.PER – Western Flora Nature Reserve. 800m E. r/h (fuel 7am-9pm), c/p, hotel.

361.PER - Dongara. r/h, c/p, minimarket @ shell.

400.PER – Greenough Hamlet. [shower, www, tap @ picnic area, S. of historic area, 300m from hwy near café]

425.PER/0.NWC – Geraldton. all services in town. b/s @ TBE (0899644399) and Bike Force, both on Chapman Rd.

12.NWC – Drummond Cove. r/h, c/p.

33.NWC – Okabella h/s café. 3km W. on left, dirt road.

48.NWC – Northampton. r/h, c/p, [www @ tourist bureau].

91.NWC – Binnu. r/h, store.

115.NWC – Galena Bridge r/a. water in murchinson river.

166.NWC – 100 Mile Tank r/a. roads service dept. tanks under shelter.

198.NWC – Nerren Nerren [water on request]

234.NWC – Billabong. . r/h, c/p, www @ hotel. Bore water too salty, even to cook… mineral water $5 for 1.5L.

282.NWC – Overlander. r/h, rainwater on request (be polite!), store with eggs, fruits and vegetables.

332.NWC – Lake (salty water?)

357.NWC – Wooramel r/h.

476.NWC – Carnarvon. . r/h @ t/o to Robinson St (road to town), shower @ caltex, on Robinson St: laundry, c/p, hotel, backpackers, IGA, Woolworth in center, b/s @ "Carnarvon Sports" in front of tourist bureau, www @ tourist bureau ($5/h). fruit and veg stalls on the hwy.

550.NWC – Tank 100m W.

551.NWC – [h/s on E.]

556.NWC – tank 150m W.

559.NWC – w/m out of order, tank empty.

612.NWC – Minilya r/h. c/p.

661.NWC – Lyndon river. pools.

707.NWC – Winning h/s. 2km E [water on request]

768.NWC – Yannarie river. pools, private house near r/a "gard dog" (sic)

793.NWC – w/m & pond W.

840.NWC – Nanutarra r/h. c/p.

900.NWC – Cane river. pools.

926.NWC – Peedamulla ck. little pools.

958.NWC – Robe river. big pools.

974.NWC – Peter ck. pools.

1002.NWC – Fortescue river r/h. c/p.

1080.NWC – Maitland river. much water. t/o to Miaree Pool.

1098.NWC – Travel Shop r/h. t/o to Karratha (12km) & Dampier (20km). c/p & supermarket @ Karratha.

1140.NWC – Roebourne. water & free cold shower @ public toilets next to cricket ground (t/o N. @ eastend of town) [b/s, www @ library].

1196.NWC – Sherlock river. much water.

1223.NWC – Whim ck. c/p, hotel, water "not for drink" @toilets.

1238.NWC – Yule river. r/a, little pools.

1278.NWC – Poverty ck. some water.

1301.NWC – t/o North West Coastal Highway/Great Northern Highway: 1578.GNH.

1586.GNH – Turner river. pools.

1605.GNH – t/o to South Hedland. c/p. Caltex 24/7 2km after t/o [b/s]

1607.GNH – Port Hedland. Shell r/h.

1612.GNH – Port Hedland. Truck Stop. BP r/h, hotle, c/p.

1675.GNH – Strelley river. much water.

1680.GNH – De Grey river. much water.

1720.GNH – t/o to Pardoo Station. h/s, c/p.

1752.GNH – Pardoo r/h. groceries, showers, free water tap on right side, c/p.

1830.GNH – Wallal Downs. 80 Mile Beach c/p. t/o to N. good road.

1876.GNH – Sandfire r/h. (destroyed by fire, rebuilding) c/p, showers $2.

1902.GNH – Emu. 200m behind locked gate: motopump & tap.

1910.GNH – [w/m far from road, no tank]

1995.GNH – [w/m, no tank]

1997.GNH – Kitty Well, no water.

2025.GNH – t/o to Bidyadanga Aborigenal Community. police, phone, [fuel, water]

2045.GNH – Shamrock Gardens Vegetable Farm 200m E. stall on hwy. [may-sept until 2pm]

2051.GNH – t/o to Port Smith Lagoon [c/p, hotel, bird park, fuel] 23km, dirt road.

2085.GNH – t/o to Eco Beach Resort. [resort] 10km, dirt road.

2146.GNH – Tanks in cattle parks, both sides.

2161.GNH – Roebuck r/h. c/p, water tap in front. t/o to Broome, 36km, all services, tourist bureau @ entrance of town, b/s front of mc Donalds, next to Shell.

2182.GNH – waterhole near sign "floodway" 50m N. dry.

2235.GNH – [Jowlaenga Station, Kimberly Colorstones h/s]

2236.GNH – [Bedunburru Aborigenal Community]

2268.GNH – black tank & c/t 200m N. access by floodway next to gravel stacks.

2279.GNH – silver tank 200m S. out of order.

2283.GNH – Cockatoo ck. filthy water. water holes both sides of bridge on N.

2285.GNH – Minnie ck. filthy water.

2287.GNH – Ski Lake. filthy water.

2290.GNH – Fitzroy river. some water, flowing.

2292.GNH – Willare r/h. groceries, c/p, hotel, water tap under tree on right.

2368.GNH – silver tank & c/t 150m S. motopump in shed near hwy.

2413.GNH – Jambalakundunj Community. 1km S.

2423.GNH – c/p @ lake, no sign posted.

2423.GNH – N. water hole, dry.

2429.GNH – w/m, motopump, c/t 600m S. behind gate (possible to open).

2522.GNH – Fitzroy Crossing. supermarket, www @ tourist bureau (mon-fri 8.30-12/1-4.30), water tap @ Shell on left, c/p, hotel E. of Fitzroy river, 1km from town on hwy. [www @ TAFE, basic b/s, showers @ r/h $2]

2621.GNH – Station or Community, 1km N.

2653.GNH – Moongardie Community. 1km N.

2691.GNH – t/o to Yiyili Community. 5km N. Laari Gallery (mon-fri/march-november) refreshments.

2697.GNH – w/m, motopump 50m S. gate 200m W. then waterhole 500m S. follow the track, turn left @ white car. water warm but clear and safe to drink out of the pipe.

2703.GNH – Mary river. almost dry, pools near r/a [tank to check, 500m W. of r/a]

2733.GNH – w/m, motopump & filthy water holes. it doesn't seem possible to get clean water.

2793.GNH – Community S.

2819.GNH – Halls ck. c/p, r/h, supermarket, PO, water tap right side of Shell.[b/s, www @ info centre]

2845.GNH – tank out of order, no pump, no water.

2852.GNH – Palm Well ck. water hole (tank & c/t out of order)

2877.GNH – Alice Downs h/s. E. w/m, motopump, c/t 200m S. on W.

2919.GNH – Leycesters Rest. r/a, Ord river may have water (sept 2008/ dry)

2927.GNH – Spring ck on W. shady r/a. tiny pool.

2959.GNH – Mabel ck Downs W. waterhole on E., N. of ck.

2966.GNH – Mabel Bore. tank & c/t on W.

2981.GNH – Turkey ck r/h. c/p, groceries, water tap front of r/h.

2992.GNH – Mistake ck. w/m, tank on E.

3010.GNH – Bow river. water hole N. of bridge on E.

3030.GNH – [100m S. of March Fly ck, t/o on W. 1km later water hole]

3072.GNH – Doon Doon r/h. groceries, c/p, water tap on left.

3079.GNH – Mc Phee ck. tiny pools.

3100.GNH – Dunham river. much water. r/a, tables & shelter.

3111.GNH – Arthur ck. filthy water. Kingston Rest h/s.

3126.GNH – Wuggbun gorge t/o. c/p 3km, toilets & showers, water holes. some water in ck 100m S. little pool in Card ck 300m N.

3133.GNH – t/o Great Northern Highway/Victoria Highway: 0.VIC – r/a tables & shelter.

11.VIC – ck. some water.

12.VIC – Weaner ck. some water.

37.VIC – Dunham river. much water, flowing.

45.VIC – Kunnunurra. BP with shop & bakery 24/7, all services in town, b/s @ Redgum near Coles, [b/s @ Retravision].

50.VIC – BP r/h. [showers]

78.VIC – Cockatoo Springs ck. some water.

88.VIC – WA/NT border. water "not for drinking"

135.VIC – S. motopump with tap on side.

157.VIC – Saddle ck. r/a, tank.

178.VIC – West Baines. little pools.

215.VIC – East Baines. r/a, tank, river: much water.

263.VIC – Big Horse ck National Park c/p. little fee. water tap, no showers, access to river.

273.VIC – Timber ck r/h. inn, pub, store, supermarket, free shower & chilled water @ council office @ basketball ground (500m W. of r/h, open daytime), www @ library (office hours)

2?2.VIC – Joe ck r/a. no camping, no water.

352.VIC – Victoria river r/h. inn, c/p, expensive groceries.

369.VIC – Sullivan campground r/a. creek water.

382.VIC – shelter on S.

390.VIC – Cambell Springs. filthy water.

402.VIC – N. tank & c/t.

419.VIC – [c/t]

443.VIC – S. r/a, tank & shelter.

453.VIC – S. tank & c/t.

475.VIC – Scott ck. filthy water.

477.VIC – N. tank.

488.VIC – Limestone r/a. tank & shelter.

510.VIC – King river. filthy water.

528.VIC – Chinaman ck. filthy water.

545.VIC – Katerine. all services in town. t/o to Stuart Highway: 315 STH.

298.STH – Charles Darwin University.

288.STH – Edith Farms Road. tank W.

258.STH – Edith river. pool.

225.STH – Pine ck r/h. c/p, groceries, tap & free cold shower @ public toilets front of BP, taps in the park up the street, hotel, PO.

196.STH – Emerald Springs r/h in construction.

172.STH – Hayes ck r/h. c/p, tap on left, near toilets.

147.STH – Bridge ck. r/a. tank & shelter. 100m S. on E.: tack to lake, 500m.

112.STH – Adelaide river r/h. c/p, hotel, PO, minimarket N. side of town. tank W.

87.STH – Coomalie ck. r/a, c/p, tap @ c/p.

62.STH – Acacia r/h. c/p, shop.

45.STH – Strauss Airstrip r/a. tap.

43.STH – Noonamah r/h. c/p.